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Coda Enterprises, Inc.
1038 E Norwood
Mesa AZ 85203

Tel: 480-964-0155
Fax: 480-461-1574
E-mail: netgun@cox.net

We capture it all!


Coda's Netgun and Netlauncher are designed to capture a variety of animals and birds for studying, examining, providing medical treatment, banding, tagging, or otherwise marking, attaching telemetric devices, transporting and/or relocating, etc.


The Coda Netgun represents years of development. Its design and production in the United States are per stringent guidelines maintained by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms of the U.S. Justice Department. The ATF has classified the Netgun as a "tool" rather than a firearm. Coda's Netgun has been subjected to rigorous proof-testing for sustained firing stress, and to extensive over-pressure chamber trials. It is manufactured as an experimental research and animal management tool to be utilized by professional personnel in the wildlife research and animal management fields.


The Coda Netlauncher is ideal for capturing a large number of birds in a single remote firing. It is used often for bird flu sampling. It is also used for relocation of nuisance or pesky birds such as pigeons at retail locations.

Coda Training and Services

Coda Enterprises pioneered wildlife capture in the United States using the Coda Netgun and helicopters. We have trained many state game and fish organizations in the safe and effective use of net guns, especially while capturing from a helicopter. Coda designs, manufactures, and sells the capture equipment. We also provide contract wildlife capture, technique training on your premises or during actual capture projects, and we train in safety while capturing from and working around active helicopters. We have 27 years of experience in all phases of capturing wildlife with net guns. We will share this experience with you.